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"Empower your child's future and turn their creativity Genius on"


Looking for the best preschool for your kids in Miami, FL? Look no further than THE GENIUS KIDS ACADEMY.

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Result-Oriented Programs

We implement programs that are designed to develop each child’s skills and potentials, including language skills and artistic abilities. With a personalized approach and personal attention, we ensure our students learn and grow in the best ways possible.

If you want the best for your child, don’t delay to call us at THE GENIUS KIDS ACADEMY.

“Personalized approach and personal attention”

Preschool Sunny Isles
Preschool North Miami

Extracurricular Activities

Outdoor activities and play are essential parts of childhood and growing up. At THE GENIUS KIDS ACADEMY, we regularly take students out of the confines of the classroom in order to channel their energies and assist in their personality development phases.

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“Outdoor activities and play are essential parts of childhood”


  • Great reputation
  • Quality education
  • Age-appropriate programs
  • Experienced staff
  • Positive learning environment

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