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Camp (Summer, Spring, Winter)

At THE GENIUS KIDS ACADEMY, we ensure kids enjoy a wide range of activities in our summer, spring, and winter camps.

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Fun, Learning, and Growth

Along with quality education, children need to be given opportunities to improve their social skills, self-esteem, self-reliance, problem solving abilities, and confidence.

At THE GENIUS KIDS ACADEMY, we organize summer, spring, and winter camps where students participate in outdoor activities so they can develop their skills and personalities while having fun. Get in touch with us to learn more about our programs.

“We help kids develop their skills and personalities while having fun”

Camp (Summer, Spring, Winter) Sunny Isles
Camp (Summer, Spring, Winter) North Miami

Better Interaction

Camps and outdoor activities provide children with the chance to interact with other kids and adults, thus learning to work in teams and socialize with others. Our goal at THE GENIUS KIDS ACADEMY is to help kids lead successful lives and evolve comfortably in society as they grow up.

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“Developing team spirit and interaction skills”

What Defines Us?

  • Great reputation
  • Holistic teaching approaches
  • Importance to extracurricular activities
  • Child-centered programs
  • Qualified, professional and reliable staff

We make school fun